Division of CEMIB - Introduction


CEMIB - Multidisciplinary Center for Biological Research was planned in accordance with international norms for Reference Center with an area of 1800 m2, and is adequately equipped with double door autoclave; formaldehyde chambers and dunk tanks for the sterilization of instruments and supplies used in daily routine work and others equipments like isolators and ventilated rack system.

The Center is prepared to maintain three sanitary standards: germ free (axenic); with known microbial flora (gnotobiotic); and free from pathogenic agents (SPF). At present, several strains of SPF mice and rats and transgenic mice and one strain of axenic mice are maintained at CEMIB.

In addition to production activities, quality control animal (genetic and health) and the training CEMIB/UNICAMP develop scientific cooperation programs in the University in collaboration with the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Institute of Biology and other institutions outside national and international.




Multidisciplinary Center for Biological Investigation on Laboratory Animal Science